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Nagios python event handler template

I thought it would be useful to share this template that I use to create event handlers in python for nagios.

It's not that creating event handlers has to become a common practice, but sometimes external conditions force one to set them up.

I hope this template makes the life easier to whoever needs to create nagios event handlers in python.

You can download the full source code in the following link:


GUADEC streamed live in WebM using Flumotion

GUADEC (GNOME Users’ And Developers’ European Conference) of this year, 2010, is being streamed live from several locations (Paris, Copenhagen and Seville) in WebM format using Flumotion and the Flumotion Streaming Platform.

It is amazing to be able to finally start streaming in an open format, no more flash! Remember that you need Firefox 4 or Opera 10.60.

You can find more details about the event and about the streaming here.

You can use the following URLs to watch it live:

Enjoy the live streaming!!!


Finally a graphics card for Linux that works flawlessly with compiz and is lightning fast

After years of struggling and looking around, I have finally found a graphics card that works flawlessly when running compiz under Linux and that processes all the effects at lightning speed. I've never seen something like this for that reasonable price!


Testing out Funtoo

The other day I decided to give a try at Funtoo (for those that do not know it yet, a variant of Gentoo). I am very impressed with the improvements that Daniel Robbins has done so far.

Among the things that I like:


How to be able to use your ssh agent forwarding after using sudo

Recently we have hit with a solution for an issue where we wanted our users to run certain secure commands as root, which included repository commits. This can easily happen to you if you use savon, for instance.

Because of the nature of savon, given that it understands not only about standard permissions and modes, but also of SELinux contexts, this tool can only be used properly as root, if you want to use all of its features.

The problem comes when you need non-root users, that work with certain files in a directory, to be able to commit these changes. You have to use sudo, which you surely already know. For increased security, standard distributions drop most environment variables when you run a command with sudo.


Puppetcamp Europe 2010

According to this information, Reductive Labs, the team behind puppet, has announced that Puppetcamp Europe 2010 will happen on 27 and 28 May 2010 in Ghent, Belgium. For those who do not know, Puppet is an open source application for system control automation.


Releasing cached memory in Linux

Under normal circumstances, modern Linux systems try to cache into memory disk data that is accessed often. Sometimes, we have that much memory in the system that our kernel keeps filling up the memory by caching every piece of data we access.

Other times, because of the swappiness factor, active data finds its way into the swap instead of the main memory. I have seen this behavior in a few systems hosting databases, specially running mysql, and it is a serious performance hazard.

In order to fix systems like this, we need to fix the swappiness, drop the caches and, swapoff and swapon the system swap.